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+The Business of Agriculture

Description: Examines the five areas of risk management of an agricultural business: production risk, human risk, financial risk, market risk, and institutional risk. Discusses the internal and external contexts affecting the management of an agricultural business and the changing structures of agriculture, creating a unique landscape for today’s agricultural businesses.

When is it Offered: Spring 2020 (January 21-March 13)

Format: 1 credit or not-for-credit


  • Not-for-credit = $ 175
  • 1 credit, Wisconsin Resident = $ 495.05
  • 1 credit, IA, IL, MI, & MN = $ 663.58
  • 1 credit, other US states = $ 1,622.54
  • 1 credit, International Resident = $ 1,664.21
+Spanish for Dairy

Description: Introduces Spanish language vocabulary and grammar for use in the dairy industry. Covers relevant terminology and syntax for basic communication and understanding. Examines the characteristics of Latinx/Hispanx culture, as well as this cultural context in the workplace on the dairy farm. 

When is it Offered: Summer 2020

Format: 1 credit or not-for-credit


  • Not-for-credit = $ 175
  • 1 credit, Wisconsin Resident = $ TBD
  • 1 credit, IA, IL, MI, & MN = $ TBD
  • 1 credit, other US states = $ TBD
  • 1 credit, International Resident = $ TBD

Not-for-credit courses are offered as self-paced and are open for 3 months to allow you to take the course on your schedule.

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  • Credits are accredited courses and the credit/s may be transferable to other institutions and universities. These courses show on your UW-Madison transcript.