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+Spanish for Dairy

Description: Introduces Spanish language vocabulary and grammar for use in the dairy industry. Covers relevant terminology and syntax for basic communication and understanding. Examines the characteristics of Latinx/Hispanx culture, as well as this cultural context in the workplace on the dairy farm. 

Who Should Take This Course:

  • Current or future dairy farm owners, managers, supervisors, or shift leads who supervise or hire Spanish-speaking employees
  • Agriculture professionals working within the dairy industry
  • Anyone who is interested in learning related vocabulary and phrases for use on-farm or in the dairy industry

Syllabus: Click here to download the course syllabus

When is it Offered: Fall 2020; October 26-December 20

Format: 8 weeks, not-for-credit, self-paced w/optional weekly live sessions

Please note: The timing of the live sessions are TBD. We will poll students to determine the best times to offer these sessions during the week to accommodate working schedules

Cost: $ 325

Carolina Pinzón-Sanchez, Owner, Forte Dairy
Trisha Wagner, Farm Management Program Manager, Division of Extension
Jennifer Blazek, Director, Farm & Industry Short Course

To Register: Visit Eventbrite here to register

+Dairy Healthworker - Youngstock [Part 1]

Description: Examines areas related to the care and management of dairy calves and heifers (pre-fresh). Discusses the following topics: newborn calf processing; evaluation of calf housing and sanitation audits; common diseases and symptoms; growth and performance; evaluation of heifer housing; growth and body condition scoring; raising the replacement heifer; breeding the replacement heifer. This course is Part 1 in the Dairy Healthworkers series of online courses.

Who Should Take This Course:

  • Current dairy workers and employees who care for calves and/or heifers
  • Future dairy workers and employees who care for calves and/or heifers
  • Anyone wanting further information and training on caring for dairy calves and heifers

Syllabus: Coming Soon!

When is it Offered: Summer 2021

Format: 8 weeks, not-for-credit, self-paced

Cost: $ 225

Instructor: TBD

To Register: Coming Soon!

Not-for-credit courses are offered as self-paced, 100% online courses. There’s an opportunity to receive a certificate of completion at the end of each course. Please see each course’s syllabus for specifics requirements to receive a certificate of completion.

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