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Concerned about how to pay for FISC?

We can help!

There are many opportunities for FISC students and their families to help cover the costs of attending higher education.

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+FISC Scholarships

scholarship The College of Agricultural and Life Sciences (CALS) manages FISC’s robust scholarship program. These scholarships are offered by foundations, trust funds, organizations, and private firms. Examples include the Freddie Gage Jr. Memorial Scholarship, Farm Credit Service Scholarships, the Carl and Mina Gall Memorial Scholarship, East Central/Select Sires Scholarship, and the Charles Eckburg Foundation Short Course Scholarship. In total, alumni, friends, and supporters have contributed over $4.6 million in monies for FISC scholarships!

100% of students who apply for scholarships receive funding

How To Apply:

  • All students are encouraged to apply for scholarships
  • Please note, you do not have to be accepted to the program in order to apply for scholarships.
  • Complete the scholarship application.
  • The scholarship application closes on August 1
+Full-Ride Program for Farmworkers

UMOS, a non-profit advocacy organization, provides programs and services which improve the employment, educational, health and housing opportunities of under-served populations.

Through their National Farmworker Jobs Program, a federally-funded program, UMOS is able to provide full-ride scholarships to eligible students completely covering the cost of tuition, housing, and extracurricular trainings.

Students also receive a stipend (hourly wage) to help cover wages lost while attending higher education.


  • Verifiable farmworker within the past 2 years, 51% of that time worked or wages earned must be from farmwork. (Farmwork: worked in crops, tree farming, nurseries, dairy, fishery, poultry, cotton gins, canneries, fruit and vegetable packing, work with fur-bearing animals, etc.)
  • Legally authorized to work in the United States. (US Citizen, Permanent Resident, DACA, etc.)
  • If male and over 18 year or older, must be registered with the Selective Service.
  • You and/or your family is low income. (receiving public assistance or un/under employed)

How To Apply:

  • Click here for the application. You will work directly with them to determine your eligibility.

*Please note, if you receive support from UMOS and have been awarded FISC scholarships, we reserve the right to cancel any scholarships you were awarded through FISC. Per University rules, we are unable to provide additional support beyond the total cost of attending the program.

+External Scholarships

As an accredited college program, FISC is eligible for many scholarships within the agricultural industry and beyond.

Consider the following scholarships:

Additional scholarships:

The best way to start your search for additional scholarships is through organizations in your local area (e.g., Jaycees, Elks, rotary clubs, religious groups, producer organizations). Also, ask your parent or guardian if their employer provides college scholarships and/or grants to their employee’s children.

To search for scholarship opportunities, consider:

If you receive an external scholarship, do the following:

  1. Have the donor make the check out to: The University of Wisconsin – Madison
  2. Have the donor identify the student by full name (and campus ID if known) on the memo line of the check or in an accompanying letter
  3. Mail (or bring)the check to:
    UW Madison Bursar’s Office
    333 East Campus Mall #10501
    Madison, WI 53715-1383

Once the check arrives at the Bursar’s Office, it will be applied to the student’s account and will be used to offset student tuition and fees for the FISC program.


Institutional Financial Aid

Since the duration of FISC is shorter than a regular academic year and does not lead to an undergraduate degree, no federal financial aid is available; however, institution aid may be available, and students are recommended to complete the FAFSA. If students go to a commercial bank to secure funds for their education, they should ask about private student loans. We have prepared a letter for your conversation with your lender.

Short-Term Loans (UW)

Short Course students can also apply for a short-term loan available through the FISC office. Students may borrow up to $1,500 and have six months to pay back the loan interest free. After six months, interest fees become effective on loan payments. Applicants receive information on loan repayment at the time the loan is approved. Those who intend to make a request for our short-term loan, must appear in person to 116 Agricultural Hall and, in addition to basic information, be able to provide the following on the loan application:

  • Campus ID
  • Social Security Number
  • Driver’s License Number
  • Two References, including Name, Address, and Occupation
  • Source of Repayment
  • Employer’s Name and Address, if applicable
+Military Service

011001-D-2987S-138 The Joint Service Color Guard advances the colors during the retirement ceremony of Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Gen. Henry H. Shelton, at Fort Myer, Va., on Oct. 2, 2001. DoD photo by Helene C. Stikkel. (Released)Military veterans and current members of the National Guard/Reserves who are admitted to FISC should contact the Registrar and/or Dean of Students office – Division of Student Life for assistance in determining educational benefit eligibility. For more information, visit the following websites: