Areas of Study

When is FISC?

FISC is a 16-week program, split into two 8-week terms.

The term dates for 2022-2023 are:

  • Fall Term – October 31, 2022 – December 22, 2022
  • Spring Term – January 17, 2023 – March 10, 2023


What do you want to learn?
Each certificate is a minimum of 12 credits total. Students take between 6-8 credits each term.

Foundations of Farm & Agribusiness Management Certificate
Strong business management is the foundation to success in today’s agriculture industry. Learn key concepts in the areas of financial management, working with people, communication, leadership, and risk management to help you either run your own ag business or give you the skills to be a competitive employee. Personalize this certificate by taking almost half of the credits in technical courses in your area of interest!


Dairy Farm Management Certificate
Learn the fundamentals of working in the dairy industry by developing your technical knowledge and skills in the areas of herd management, reproduction, nutrition, health, and genetics. Flexibility in course choices allows you to fit it to your needs. Ideal for students looking to own or work a dairy farm, or be employed in the dairy industry.


Management of Crops & Soils Certificate
Healthy soils are key to any agricultural production enterprise. Dig deeper into building soil quality and health while learning more about your specific cropping system, like commodity crops or forages.


Farm & Equipment Operations Certificate
Being able to turn a wrench isn’t enough in today’s industry. Learn the “why” behind how farm equipment works and what it can do for you. Develop skills to make you a better consumer and help you analyze, calibrate, and troubleshoot. Work with a wide variety of machinery used in agricultural production and get an inside view in engines to understand their mechanics.


Turfgrass Management Certificate
Play in one of the biggest areas of the green industry, turfgrass.Learn how to effectively manage turf, from species selection to nutrient needs and application to irrigation to pest management. Courses also cover key business management topics to ensure you’re successful whether working for a golf course or in sod production.


UW-Madison faculty and staff and industry professionals, experts in their fields and connected to the latest information and research teach our courses. For a complete list of our instructors, visit our FISC Instructors page.


How do we support you?

FISC staff are also your advisors, helping you to select the right courses, connecting you with career opportunities, and generally supporting you as you work towards your goals.

Our student Ambassadors are FISC students just like you and act as peer mentors. They work with the FISC student community to create study groups, develop ideas for social activities, and build a strong, close-knit community where you can feel like you belong.

Students who need accommodations in and out of the classroom can connect with the McBurney Disability Resource Center.

At FISC, you aren’t just a number, but a name and a story. We know your time is valuable and you have big plans, whether you are going to own your own farm, work for a leading company in the agriculture industry, or build your own business from the ground up. Let us help you reach your dreams!

Get to know us better by taking a virtual preview of FISC!