Beyond Your Courses

FISC is more than just the courses you take. There are numerous opportunities available to you to build your skills and make connections within the industry.

Co-Curricular Activities
From guest speakers to tours to certifications and trainings, we have you covered to go more in-depth on the topics you are interested in and to build the skills you need for success. Each year we expand what we offer based on the particular needs of the students in the program.


Community-Building & Networking
Make long-lasting friendships and valuable industry connections with activities designed for fun and networking. Our close-knit community of passionate agriculturalists means that you will feel like you belong and always have a strong support network ready to call on. Our active alumni are eager to connect with you and provide the additional support you may need to accomplish your goals.


Your Career Success
Whether you aren’t sure of all the possibilities out there or you already have your future planned, FISC can help you reach your career goals. Through our FISC Internship Program, get more hands-on experience and develop strong industry connections, while getting credit towards your certificate. Participate in our career fair to learn more about the ways you can get involved in the agriculture industry or seek a job after graduation.

Interested in learning more? Get to know us better by taking a virtual preview of FISC or register for one of our free on-campus FISC Preview Days!