The Farm & Industry Short Course is Moving and Expanding!

Now offering short courses for new and beginning farmers, current farmers and landowners, agricultural professionals and more at UW-Madison and UW-River Falls

The traditional credit-bearing Farm & Industry Short Course that for over 136 years has offered applied, hands-on education to the agricultural community will now be hosted at UW-River Falls, starting in Fall 2023. The FISC Program at UW-Madison is evolving too, to continue to meet student needs in new and flexible ways.

Starting in Fall 2023, UW-River Falls will offer the traditional, on-campus, credit-bearing program, allowing students to have an opportunity to network with fellow dairy enthusiasts and world-class faculty.

UW-Madison will continue their tradition of research-based applied education through a variety of short courses offered in flexible formats and topics of interest, starting in Fall 2023.

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Target Audiences:

  • Who should apply: Students post-high school who are interested in the dairy cattle industry and who wish to have a 16-week, residential experience on-campus for credit to obtain training in Dairy Operations and Dairy Farm Management.

Target Audiences:

  • Intermediate & Advanced Farmers/Ranchers = FISC alumni, adults who have already taken some higher education (or UWRF FISC), or have multiple years of on-the-job experience. They are looking to go deeper into topics and be more advanced in their knowledge and skills. May be employees who wish to move up into a management role or receive training for their position.
  • Industry = These professional adults with some higher education are looking for very targeted education in a specific sector or area of the industry. May also be new to agriculture.
  • Farm-Curious & New to Agriculture = Those new to agriculture and interested in farming and ranching (often at a small-scale) or going into industry.