The University of Wisconsin­–Madison’s Farm and Industry Short Course (FISC) program offers a variety of professional development and skills-building trainings for farmers and other agricultural professionals looking to expand their knowledge, technical proficiencies, and management skills in order to improve their operations and businesses. 

Instruction is led by topic area experts, including faculty members in the UW–Madison College of Agricultural and Life Sciences, and features data-based information and guidance developed by UW researchers. Courses come in various formats designed to offer flexibility to working professionals, including online and in-person instruction. 

Current offerings include the Farm Electrical Maintenance and Safety Short Course, the Spanish for Dairy Industry series, the Turfgrass Apprenticeship Program, and Ag Forward. FISC is continually working to identify and develop additional short courses to meet the needs of Wisconsin’s agribusiness community. Check back here for information about new offerings!

Upcoming courses