Request a Transcript

If you attended FISC starting in 2017-2018 and beyond, you will request your transcript through the Office of the Registrar. If you attended prior to 2017, official transcripts are released only at the written request of the student via completion of the Transcript Request form. All official transcripts will be mailed to the addressee indicated on the form. Please allow 7-10 business days from the date you send your request.

To request your transcript:

  1. Submit your Transcript Request Form via mail or email to:
    Farm & Industry Short Course
    University of Wisconsin-Madison
    116 Agricultural Hall
    1450 Linden Drive
    Madison, WI 53706
  1. Students whose last date of attendance was before March 2017 must pay a processing fee of $5 per transcript. Use this link to pay.
    Students who entered FISC in fall 2017 and later pay a document charge to campus as part of their fees that covers transcript printing and therefore do not need to submit a payment using this link.